Kihon Waza

Kihon Waza is the foundation of everything we do (both in training and in life). In every technique there are fundamentals that must be learned and mastered. From the smallest detail we deligently strive to master these fundamentals.



Cardio training is a vital part of our training philosophy and is present in “Every” training  session. We embraces  traditional and modern techniques in our program and strive towards the development of  strong endurance and lasting stamina.


Partner Drills

As students advance in Tanzenbukan Goju and Kokusai Ryukyu Kobojustsu Kenkyokai parnter training drills are a vital part of our training.  Special care is given to insure students learn proper safety when working with their partners and that the progression is a slow one from intermediate to advanced skill levels.



Kata is the heart of  traditional Karate and Kobudo. Through the continual study of Kata we unlock the meaning of our art and develop focus, power, proper posture and balance.


Self Defense

Through a progressive process, students learn the skills associated with self defense and develop the self confidence needed to have the control to avoid physical altercations outside of the proper setting of their Dojo.


Hojo Undo

Goju has a rich tradition of Hojo Undo (supplimentary training).  Hojo Undo is translated as “supplementary exercises”, that refers to the conditioning exercises specifically used in Okinawan Karate. Hojo undō training is designed to develop ambidextrous physical strength, stamina, muscle coordination, speed, and posture. This style of training uses simple, traditional devices, made from wood and stone.



Through the practice of Kumite, students learn the value of sportsmanship and become comfortable applying techniques learned in a non-scripted environment.